BedTime Story – Tips & Tricks of Working

From the previous post that I post it yesterday about a good singer singing Justin Timberlake song, What Goes Around, Come Around, it reminds me that sometime we need to do something rather that just accepting. So today, I help most of my friend and family to do their chores and even help them in their studies. Some of my friend already got their assignment review which this time, its quite fast from my time during my study at campus. It already been week 3 in campus, they already going through some rough time. Several of my junior, which now having their second part of final year project, asking me some help on the report and even the presentation part. I give them some tips based on my experience during my time also tell them about the do and don’ts. Good Luck for them all!.

Here I list out some tips for you all to review and read time. It may help if you doing some work in a team or partnership. Just take sometimes to fly in the words.

Tips to find a Good Fight in Team Project.
Having a little fight in arguing about small matter in discussion is not bad thing. You may consider it a big matter but actually, it will bring some common sense back and generate new ideas. For more info, CLICK HERE

This another tips if you a girl or guy that not really into arranging things especially letters and important documents. Here some tips how you can manage them in a good way.

P/S: I’m using RIPT and Microsoft OneNote to save all my thoughts and information’s.

For more information, CLICK HERE

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